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Health Care Transformation in Canada

November 29, 2012


With a young eye and an intense passion for change on a large scale, I am privileged to have been selected to join the Canadian Medical Association (CMA)’s Health Care Transformation Working Group. The first meeting I’ll attend is in January but the group has already taken on some big challenges and developed plans for helping to reshape health care on a national level. The group is focused on sustainable, accountable, and accessible care that incorporates the social determinants of health and have developed Principles to guide health care transformation in Canada. The application of these might take the form of advocacy for digital prescribing on a national level, pushing for patient-centred care by developing a charter, shifting the culture towards activity-based funding to improve timely access to health care providers, or working with provincial/regional health authorities to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of care delivery.

I’m still learning about our mandate and how we proceed from ideas to results. I’m always looking for that “tangible” result, and to that end, the CMA has started showcasing doctors who are making a difference.

CMA President Anna Reid explains some of the justification for highlighting physician innovators.

“Physicians deal with patients face to face, and both parties witness the problems the system is facing. Because of this close relationship, it’s not much of a stretch for patients to associate systemic problems such as access-to-care issues with the individual physician who is providing their care, not realizing that these systemic problems are beyond the physician’s control. This campaign will highlight the work physicians are doing to improve things for patients in a very personal way.”

(CMA campaign article)

Check out some of the innovators here.

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  1. December 1, 2012 11:41 pm

    ‘Sustainable’, ‘accountable’, and ‘accessible care’ are cliches and colloquialism nowadays.
    Be progressive with some ‘disruptive parlance innovations’ that distinguish your own brand of the the next great thing. Bye the way congratulation on your appointment Jessica. Steve

    • December 2, 2012 8:15 pm

      Yes, a lot of those terms are buzzwords; many are borrowed from popular application in global health. This committee fortunately has some tangible results and I’m hoping that will continue during my time with them.

      And, thanks! (as well for still reading my blog)

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