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Shame. Canucks “fans” burn Vancouver.

June 16, 2011

I often write about how I am delighted by humanity and how I am always surprised at our strength and virtue in the face of adversity. I am also equally taken aback by our capacity to do bad. But today, I am mainly ashamed. I am young, and I like hockey, and I like to drink beer, but I am ashamed.

It is a disaster. Code Orange at the hospitals.

The Vancouver Canucks didn’t win the Stanley Cup. As a hockey player and a fan, I was a little let down. It was exciting that Vancouver (the city) had such energy. We knew there’d be a bit of a mess and that our tax dollars would clean it up. And we feared riots.

The people destroying the streets, burning cars, breaking windows, and hassling police are hooligans. They may be wearing hockey jerseys but they are not fans. The people who were in BC Place and who gave the Bruins a standing ovation when they won Lord Stanley’s cup, they were fans.

Cars were on fire in the streets. I cannot even fathom how we got to that point. Why can these idiots not use their energy for something productive? I know crowd mentality and our love of sensationalism (I am guilty of worsening it by writing about it) are contributing factors, but in this context everyone has a choice as to whether they will destroy something or hurt someone. Kudos to those who helped prevent others from getting trampled, stabbed, or beaten. And to those who tried to talk down the violent instigators. Whether or not you believe physicality has a role in our world (eg. in government protests), I think we can all agree that this was senseless.

Mayor Gregor Robertson said it best: “It’s despicable. . . What happened tonight is that a small number of people came [downtown] to cause trouble. And they made a mess of everything . . . This is a group of people who were fully intending to make tonight like the ’94 riot and they did. . . I want to be sure we get through this evening without any further people being hurt.” I hope when he says “they will be held accountable,” that it is true.

It looks like the apocalypse. Shame on us.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse?

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  1. June 16, 2011 6:11 am

    Remember, this is the city that also rioted when a Guns and Roses concert was cancelled.

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