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The power of social media: Twitter can be useful

June 4, 2011

I’ll not rehash this entirely, since @amcunningham has done a great job of capturing the main themes.

Basically, if ever I doubted the utility of social media, using it yesterday in a productive, continuing-medical-education kind of way has squashed that.

Although I never got an answer to my clinical question “does taking NSAIDs with food diminish gastrointestinal upset/irritation,” asking it in a forum like twitter has illustrated the new wave of medicine. While there are HIPPA (US confidentiality) rule violations, scandals about the impersonality of medicine, and bandwagon jumpers, if one sticks with Twitter long enough, it’s hard not to make meaningful connections and to engage in collective learning.

Our conversation is recorded here, and even today I’m still receiving half-answers and opinions on the clinical subject.

I know I said in the CMA’s New in Practice writeup that one had to be fairly choosy about selecting and investing the time in social media platforms. I felt finally enlightened or somehow vindicated for sticking with the 140-char hoopla. It takes a few stages to reach that point, though:

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  1. June 4, 2011 7:53 pm

    Where we’re going:

    30 Credits from Tufts free online

    Comparative Effectiveness Research

    CMS: Medicaid Will No Longer Reimburse for Preventable Conditions

    Read more:

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