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On the other side: CaRMS time!

January 21, 2011

I’m heading over to Vancouver to interview fourth-year Canadian medical students. That’s right, I’ll be sitting on the OTHER side of the table as these poor, nervous, twitchy creatures face the CaRMS monster. They are applying for Residency training positions around the province.

The sympathy I have for the applicants is quite fresh. Hopefully I’ll be that reassuring, smiling, nice interviewer who puts them at ease. I had been asked to greet students and make them comfortable instead of interviewing, but I am selfish and really want to do the interviewer training and give it a go.

I’ve done interviews before but never like this. To be on the other side is going to be SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Er, *ahem* it will be an educational experience. Hopefully I won’t be the intense, frightening, saying-something-critical-by-accident interviewer.

Best wishes to everyone on their CaRMS tours this January and early February. It’s actually a good excuse to explore our country, so make sure you have fun along the way. Make time for a great dinner in Montreal, skating the Rideau in Ottawa, taking in a gig in Toronto, or whatever turns your crank. Most importantly, hang in there – it all somehow works out, even if it isn’t the way you planned!


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