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Linkfest 2010 (aka I’m too lazy to write properly but the links are actually worthwhile)

March 2, 2010

We are all tuckered out after those incredible two weeks of Olympic-level insanity. To my comrades in the US – Great Game! Better luck in 4 years, eh?

Since I’m lazy, and spent yesterday going back and forth between home and the hospital (it’s a baby!), I wanted to give you a little burst of interesting links.

  1. Blood-pressure cuff can curb heart attack damage: study – Never heard of ‘Remote Ischemic Preconditioning?’ It could save your life! I’ve not seen this implemented yet, but pending further study, perhaps it will be coming to a hospital near you?
  2. Snake Oil? Scientific Evidence for Popular Health Supplements – A fantastic visual representation of the evidence (vs. quackism), popularity
  3. Seeking a cure for the doctor shortage: An innovative new B.C. program uses monetary incentives to make sure that more medical students go into family practice — and stay in; this is a fantastic overview of some of the incentives available to GPs in certain areas on Vancouver Island. These kind of rewards are also available in other jurisdictions, and they are a great move forward, but there’s still room for improvement. Unfortunately, many of the incentives do not encourage GPs to offer care to their hospitalized patients.
  4. Beep! It’s Your Medicine Nagging You – never forget a pill! A little overboard, but maybe essential for your demented grandma (and no, demented is not a derogatory term!)
  5. Scroll down to “The Mind Today” from the Feb 16th Globe and Mail. Diagnose yourself with ‘sluggish cognitive tempo disorder,’ I know I have! You don’t have to get off of the couch to enjoy these lazy considerations for the new DSM.
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