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THANK YOU! We raised $775 for the MS Society so far!

January 29, 2010

Thanks to family, friends, colleagues, and one tweeting doctor! You have all contributed to the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society of Canada‘s vast fundraising efforts. To date, $775 comes from you, and travels via me, onto the ski slopes, and into research and support for people with MS. Incredible! Even for those of you who couldn’t donate, your words of encouragement, sympathy, empathy, mutual frustration and hope have been welcomed.

My friend Daniela, who carries the diagnosis, is delighted at this show of support. Another friend has joined the cause, and pledged her minimum amount all on her own!

I am incredibly shocked that such a generous outpouring came from all of you, in a time of great tragedy and need all around the world. I’m not a ‘loddy dah oooh that was sooooo inspiring’ kind of person, but holey schmoley, this really reminds me of what amazing and compassionate creatures you all are! I aspire to expressing even a fraction of that kindness in my coming years.

If you would still like to contribute – even $5 – find my pledge page here, or help out my friend with her pledges here. (yes, we both have the same first name).

The event is this Sunday, so lock your dial to this station for photos. There might even be a cape…

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