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PAR-BC election; Vote! Shameless Self Promotion

August 22, 2009

To my fellow British Columbian resident physicians:

You are all a part of the Professional Association of Residents of British Columbia (PAR-BC) and we need your votes!

If you haven’t already voted, I implore you to. Take that election notice out of your trash folder and give it a quick thought! If you have lost your ballot or never got one, please e-mail

ONE reason to vote:

1. This year is a contract negotiation year; we will be fighting for fair pay (parity with other provinces) and reasonable hours

–> this equates to resident health and happiness, patient safety, and a greater emphasis on education over service requirements

ONE reason to vote for me for the Board of Directors:

1. I have clear goals:

–> secure a reasonable contract as above, and work to ensure those terms are actually enforced by program directors
(i.e. yes, we know heed is not always paid to the contract; there are significant concerns around hours, extended health care benefits, etc.)

–> find a better way of reaching our members and getting them engaged in what PAR-BC does;
(while most residents know they are a part of this union, they don’t know enough about it to take advantages of the services it provides)

–> extend compassionate (paid) leave in the event a resident loses a spouse or close family member beyond the current allowance of 3 days;
(a recent tragedy has made it clear that this is insufficient)

–> represent the interest of the large number of Family Practice residents in this province & the unique perspective of those at peripheral sites

Under the auspices of PAR-BC, our members have great power when lobbying provincial government and health authorities. There are many other things that we need to work at, like physician retention/recruitment, more overall residency spots and more R3 offerings, and CMPA coverage. I encourage you to bring forward your issues to the PAR-BC Board of Directors as things arise.

In the meantime, click to vote! If you want to be more involved, come to the Annual General Meeting on September 8th, in Vancouver.

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  1. August 22, 2009 1:17 pm

    I can see why you’d be fantastic – you put so much effort and thought into this blog, which is full of great content, and you really care about your work. Good luck!!

  2. August 26, 2009 3:18 pm

    Unfortunately I’m not practicing in BC, let alone an MD – otherwise I’d totally vote for you!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day… Hope you’re doing well (and ps, i love the market on the island too!)


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