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Smartphones for Doctors: a survey

July 26, 2009
Jericho Beach: July 25 in Vancouver (one day on Mercury)

I’m loving my iPhone. In fact, I am writing this post on a ferry, using tethering on my iPhone for the internet connection. It’s glorious!

I waste away my battery showing Netter’s Atlas photos to patients in hopes of explaining their back pain. I check out ePocrates to see what I should do about angular cheilitis. I get e-mails throughout the day from our lovely program coordinator reminding me of paperwork and loose ends I should take care of. Before reviewing a patient, I look in my Taber’s dictionary just to make sure I have a good understanding of “adhesive capsulitis.” I take photos of fun things and sometimes share them on Twitter. I figure out when to get off a new bus route based on the GPS/mapping feature. This beast has life in the office and everywhere else; I’ve started relying on it for music in the car, as an alarm when I travel, to take spur of the moment photos (like those of the crazy sunset Vancouver had last night), or to find a good restaurant with the UrbanSpoon application.

As I’m starting an in-hospital rotation next month, I’ll really get to put my med apps to the test. I think the Instant ECG app is going to get a good workout for sure!

Do your thumbs love the blackberry? Are you happy emulating on your new Palm Pre? Loyal to Mr. Gates or to the Google Empire?

Chris Thorman of has asked me to share with you his basic survey about smart phone use. If you are a healthcare provider, and you have some particular needs and preferences, here is a good place to share them: Survey

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