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A few follow-up articles for Health Vault; Identity

June 12, 2009

Doing some more reading about HealthVault, I came across a few links of value:

Cleveland Clinic makes electronic medical records personal, more accessible [another example of HealthVault in action]

The Future of Personal Health Records [Susannah Fox’s take, focusing on access methods]

National Committee on Vital Health Statistics (NCVHS) [an American advisory body on health data, statistic, and health IT policy – their site is jam-packed with resources]

Medical Problems Could Include Identity Theft [sometimes I’m too quick to dismiss the privacy issues associated with electronic personal health records; here is an example that illustrates why people have cause to worry]

AND speaking of identity:

Today, I registered with my provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons. I’d sent in the paperwork weeks ago, so today was about verifying my degree and my identity. I brought my passport and my degree in the folder we got at graduation, but I was charmed to see a fellow new-resident show up with her degree – already in a gigantic frame. The process was very quick, with the clerk announcing to me that “basically, [the College] is just a big bureaucracy.” They photocopied my degree, gave me a receipt for the fee for registration + criminal record-check, and I was on my way. It made me wonder if any forged MD certificates every passed through that office. But I didn’t think about what they would do with my personal information. I just always assume it’s secure. Hmmm.


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