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June 8, 2009

A few people have mentioned to me that I don’t post enough, so I’m going to try for a more-frequent-but-shorter strategy. Part of the reason I haven’t been posting much has been due to moving to my new city, hunting for furniture, ferrying back and forth between Vancouver and the Island and just generally being ‘on vacation.’ I’m not ‘doing medicine’ until July 2nd, though I’ll have a few interesting medical experiences to write about before then. There’s been lots of crazy things in the news lately – the eHealth scandal, the prescription heroin program – but I haven’t gotten around to those yet. Right now, my mind is on more mundane things.

With my new apartment mostly set up, I’m looking into a few big purchases:

– No matter how much I like unique pieces of furniture with character or modern charm, I always seem to wind up back at IKEA; it just has those prices that a clutzy breaker-of-everything like me can’t possibly resist, and the furniture is so lightweight, it is more friendly for a don’t-know-where-I’ll-be-living-when sort of gal. So, a stainless steel table (desk), big black bookcase, and carpet for the new office are all en route.

–  Today I got MEC panniers for my bike. The hospital is really close to my place (read: walkable) but I like the feeling of hopping on a bike; I’ve also biked to the ferry and like the idea of being on wheels wherever possible. The bike was way too top-heavy with all my gear in a basket on the back rack, so I’m hoping these bags will make life a little less tippy.

– I still need something to bridge the gap between storing and viewing media, since I use my computer as my entertainment centre but it will be in a different room than the TV. Already got a decent router (D-Link DIR-855) and I’m thinking about an Xbox 360 Elite to be my media/DVD player (and because I could game on it too er, I mean, improve my surgical agility – and it would give guests something to do)

– I was so excited today to FINALLY hear about the new iPhone release date thanks to Apple’s WWDC today; it’s looking like June 19th (earlier than I thought). I thought originally it might come out mid-way through July, meaning that I would be PDA-less for the start of my residency. Thank goodness that’s not the case! PDAs are like an additional brain that you can keep in your pocket, and I would struggle to find a decent paper substitue for epocrates/UpToDate/etc. I’ll be writing a lot more about iPhone medical apps down the road, to be sure. The iPhone really has the best medical software/support/hardware potential at present. Add the tethering ability, and the enhanced battery life and processing speed and I was already sold ages ago!

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  1. June 9, 2009 7:22 am

    – IKEA gets the job done, you have to be well off to afford nice furniture. That being said IKEA has some pretty decent furniture.

    – X-box works well for an entertainment system. You can play games, watch DVDs and stream videos and music from your computer via the network. Bioshock 2 is coming out soon 🙂

    • June 9, 2009 10:04 am

      Bioshock 2 will be great stress relief for a long day at work.

      I regard IKEA stuff as disposable, but that’s probably because my grandfather was a cabinet maker and my dad used to make furniture (of every kind) also. Particleboard does not inspire awe in me, but you are right that it gets the job done.

      I’ll post some pics of the new place once I get it set up and painted as I’d like.

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