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March 3, 2009

Whoo it’s gonna be a hot and sticky day.

Both my luggage and I arrived after a 30 hour journey; what was supposed to be Vancouver to Hong Kong to Phnom Penh got a bit delayed, got an extra leg added (Hong Kong to Bangkok, Bangkok to Phnom Penh). It is always remarkable to me that each airport has a distinct smell; perfumey, musty, damp, napthalene all trickled through.

I was lucky to have a gaggle of classmates to hang out with in Vancouver and Hong Kopng airports – they were en route to Bangkok and Singapore for month long electives. We”ll all be sitting in internet cafes, checking our CaRMS (residency match result) around midnight on the 9th. Wait, will it even be open that late? I don’t know…

Braved a moto ride from the airport last night and wound up at Okay guest house. They gave me a more than sufficient room with frigid A/C, cable TV, and pink toilt paper.

Checking in, grabbing some grub (fried veggies and noodles) and a beer last night, I met Max, the young English teacher from Victoria. Probably going to check out the Royal Palace with him this morning after brekky, in the backpacker-filled cafe.

Oh, it feels good to be here! Got to give Dr. Sarom (the Plastic Surgeon with whom I’m doing my elective) a call, as I hear some ROSE Charity students have invited me on a River tour around sunset. Now, how to dial? Oh, and where to find a phone!?

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  1. privatejetshare permalink
    March 5, 2009 4:01 am

    Hi, I really like your log and the way you write it!
    Hope to see you soon on mine!


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