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Last minute prep for Cambodia (Plastics), Vietnam (ER) electives

February 24, 2009

Have OSCEs on Saturday and Sunday, so I’m studying for those. At the same time, have to submit my Rank Order List for my residencies. But mostly, my mind and time are occupied with preparation for my overseas electives.

Still to do:

– take the car in for much needed oil change, and park it in a less traffic-burdened area
– use up all the perishables in the fridge or freeze them [no rotten surprises for when I return]
– get small USD bills from the bank; I ‘placed an order’ but haven’t heard back from them
– pack basic toiletries [toothbrush, toothbrush, don’t forget my toothbrush!]
– charge up my ipod
– decide on a guest house for Cambodia, and book it at least for the first week
– photocopy my vietnam visa
– buy some stickers for the paeds patients
– pack a notebook, list of currency conversion factors
– make a Khmer medical-terms guide and print it out
– notify the government of my travels
– print my Cambodian e-Visa
– dig out some locks to put on my backpack’s zippers
– decide what shoes will work for the red, dusty, hot long-walks and long days standing in the hospital
– pack lots of zip-loc bags

What stuff do you usually forget when travelling?

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  1. Minh permalink
    February 27, 2009 10:16 am

    Wow your going to vietnam for an elective? That is freaking sweet! I’m vietnamese but I grew up in Canada so I’m at a bit of a disconnect with my home country. I’m definitely considering doing an elective there when that point comes.

    Were there any out of the ordinary requirements they had? And what city are you doing it in?

    Keep us posted while you there, I’m definitely interested in the state of their Healthcare system, I’ve heard some pretty outrageous stuff.

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