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Follow-Up to “Should Naturopaths write Western prescriptions?”

February 24, 2009

Earlier I wrote Should Naturopaths write Western prescriptions?, questioning the proposed extension of prescribing rights to Complimentary and Alternative Medicine practitioners.

Today, there’s a Letter to the Editor byDr. Jim Thorsteinson, Executive director, B.C. College of Family Physicians in the Vancouver Sun. He suggests that “Changes to naturopathy rules require sober second thought.” That sounds fair to me. Maybe you disagree?

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  1. Kasey permalink
    July 21, 2010 12:59 am

    I know that this post was placed over a year ago however I just found this site and am enjoying reading through all your posts.

    With respect to NDs, I’ll be honest, I absolutely LOVE my naturopath. My regular M.D ended up pumping me full of pills based on one symptom after another in hopes of getting rid of my chronic pain. Of course I was put through all the tests imaginable and when everything came back ‘normal’ the only other option was ‘pain management’.

    I was frustrated to believe that this was going to be my life, a young person with many years ahead of her popping pills that only barely touched the pain and foggy mind. I visited the Naturopath and was put on a strict diet. After a lot of foods being omitted and then reintroduced I found out that my body just doesn’t agree with gluten and dairy. When I eat them all my symptoms come back.

    As much as I really respect my M.D seeing my Naturopath was just another avenue that I needed to take. Once my M.D and I exhausted all the testing we could it was time for me to look in another direction. My M.D could not do what my Naturopath did and my Naturopath could not do what my M.D did. They compliment each other.

    As much as I love my Naturopath I do not believe that she has any credibility or the knowledge to effectively and safely prescribe medication. This is not her ‘field’ and not her area of expertise.

    So I’m definitely with you. I want the person prescribing me medication to have ALL the information and schooling required to do so. Going to a Naturopath for prescription drugs is like going to the hardware store for milk, it just doesn’t fit.

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