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Getting started with Blogging and Tweeting Medicine

February 9, 2009

As I’m in the early stages of setting up this blog, I’ve found a few useful sites for those looking to find other med-bloggers or med-tweeple. I’ve updated my blogroll accordingly (and more links are to come) but these might be of use to those getting started:

Med-bloggers, broken down by speciality

Best Med Blogs, according to Med Gadget

A breakdown the the medical blogsphere by The Journal of Medical Internet Research

and the best for last: Grand Rounds, Archive and Upcoming schedule

Twitter is another emerging way for health care providers to network, and eventually for us to communicate with patients. Some med twitter-ers.

Confused about how Twitter matters for medicine? Check out this video from VizEdu, Twitter and Health 2.0

Social networking, ahoy!

(I’m still on the road, on interview 4 of 6 for Family Medicine, in Toronto right now. That’s my excuse for such sparse updates.)

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